Building a Remote Controlled IKEA Table

Inspired by the show Pat and Mat (Buurman en Buurman in the Netherlands) I decided to build a remote controllable IKEA table. For this project I got help from my friend Ilya, with whom we conducted many experiments before we got something which could drive!

A long time ago I saw this episode of the show Pat and Mat, in which they put all their furniture on wheels. They attach a remote control to everything, which eventually leads to a lot of chaos. I wanted to build the same thing. In the end I managed, as you can see in this Youtube video: 

If you want to make this table yourself you need the following materials:
* banebots wheels
* 2x Modelcraft 12V geared motor
* 2x electronic speed controllers (ESCs)
* 12V Battery (I used a LiPo).
* OrangeRX receiver
* A transmitter to send the signal