AI Meet VR

Second edition

Will be held on May Friday 15th 2020, at 20:00 CEST. Register yourself at this link:

Presentations will be followed by a group discussion!


Ben Wolf
Title: AI & under water perception: a second round of bioinspiration

Mike Ligthart
Title: Designing Social AI: a Practical Overview


First edition

Will be held on May 1st 2020, at 20:00 CEST. Register yourself at this link:

The setup

As most meetups and conferences are not taking place I am hosting a small ‘AI Meet VR’ meetup. We will get together in virtual reality and view a presenter discuss an interesting topic on a big virtual screen. Before and after there will be time for virtual socializing in our Mozilla Hubs environment. 

Interested in either joining or presenting? Register yourself at this link: ! There have to be enough attendees to make it interesting, and I also have to limit the amount of people due to the person limit in the virtual environment. 

After being registered as attendee I will send you invites per presentation so you can attend exactly the events you want 😄. Note that by attending you agree to adhere to the code of conduct

For the first edition the speakers will be:


Kim Feenstra Kuiper
Company: Netlight
Title: Think about your users, a talk about UX

Nic Schick

Company: Annotell
Title: Ground truth data for autonomous driving perception

Kimberly McGuire

Company: Bitcraze
Title: Intelligence in a small package: AI on drones

Lloyd Danzig

Company: ICED(AI)
Talk title: The Road to Artificial Intelligence: An Ethical Minefield