Roland Meertens

Welcome to my blog!

I’m a research engineer at a translation department. Examples of things are made are a Neural Machine Translation implementation, a post-editor, and a tool that estimates the quality of a translated sentence.

Last year I worked at the Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory at the university of Delft, on indoor localisation (SLAM) and obstacle avoidance behaviours for a drone that delivers food inside a restaurant. Another thing I worked on was detecting and following people using onboard computer vision algorithms on a stereo camera.


For my masters thesis I did an internship at the company SpirOps, where I worked on the development of a dialogue manager for project Romeo.In my study Articifial Intelligence I specialise in cognitive artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfacing. My research interests lie in machine learning techniques, human-robot interaction, brain-computer interfaces and human-computer interaction.

How to contact me

The best way to contact me is through e-mail. My address is: [email protected]

Curriculum vitae

Can be found here: Resume Roland Meertens