Explaining Neural Machine Translation to GALA members

Yesterday I presented an introduction to neural networks to GALA members: the Globalization and Localization Association. With the recent breakthrough of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) more and more people like to try this new technology. To effectively use NMT, you have to know how it works. This way you can understand what the advantages are compared to other translation methods, and why your translation software makes silly mistakes. The presentation itself was a big success, 78 people attended an left very positive reviews.

The organisers allowed me to share the slides with you, they can be downloaded here: Neural Machine Translation For language professionals. A recording of the presentation can be found here. I asked the organizers to write down what they though of the presentation. They replied with:

Roland’s presentation for our international association describing the basics of neural networks was excellent. NMT is complex and multifaceted, yet Roland easily broke down the components into understandable and relatable pieces of information. His presentation is a valuable reference for anyone looking to understand the building blocks of neural networks and searching for details about the differences between NMT and SMT.”

The process of giving a presentation to GALA members was well organised. Thanks to everybody that helped me out.

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