A 3D-printed Vehicle Coordinate System

If you work with self-driving cars you probably know about the vehicle coordinate system (also known as ISO 8855). This coordinate system is described extensively online, but it can be a bit hard to reason about it. After making a mistake once most people remember that X goes to the front of the car, and Z goes up. However, remembering whether the Y-axis goes to the left of the car or the right seems to be something people make mistakes with. The same goes for the direction of roll, pitch, and yaw.

This is why I designed a 3D-printable car with the vehicle coordinate system as in ISO 8855 on it. I started with this 3D model of a Volkswagen Golf and added over several iterations the letters of the axes, their origin, and the directions of roll pitch and yaw. I also added lidars, as every self-driving car clearly needs them. I created the model in Tinkercad. This program is used to easy everybody, such as children and students, into 3D designing. It is an amazing program for people who want to quickly design something together!

If you want to print your own version, you can download it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4032327.

I also wanted to thank my colleagues for giving feedback on the designs I made, as you can see it took multiple iterations to get the most useful design. That said, if you have any ideas for improvement, please let me know!